Class Photos of Loxford County Secondary School, Ilford, Essex


Class 1a CIRCA 1958. Our form teacher Mr. Ruff. Added by John Pitcher.

Back: ? Bailey, Dick Cecil, David Gardiner, ?Keith Whitehouse, ?Mike Lebeau, Tom Short, ??, ??, Norman Martin.
Centre top: Wayne Barlow, Dave Lincoln, John Day, Me, Walter Hilton, Barry Brook, ?Alan Pye, John Bullock, Keith Entwistle (Ernie), ?Ian Furber.
Centre lower:?Tom Hutton, ??, ?George Baker, ? Mallinder, Ian Gregory, Mr Ruff, Stepen Elford, ??, ??, Eric Pratt, ??.
Bottom:Tony Wadwell, ?? Eric Bryant, ?Terry Luscome, ??, Derek Metcalf, ??.
27 out of 36 names after 40yrs - not too bad. If you can fill in the missing ones please let me know.
They talk about overcrowded classes now if there are more than 22!
Cheers John Pitcher


5th year 1959. Added by Peter Watts. (Peter Watts is 2nd in from the right standing up). I can't remember most of our class's surnames but would appreciate it if someone could name a face or two. It was taken in the rear playground and on the left you can just see the windows of the gym. Mr Hutchings was our form master. I remember our form masters were in 1955 Mr Ruff, 1956 Mr Ellis, 1957 Mr Liddiard, and in 1958 it was Mr White.


Form 5, 1961–1962. Added by Gordon Raymond. As far as I can remember the line up is as follows:

Back Row  (from left to right) Jack Wilmore, Keith Pods, Paul Hunt, Roy Pickering, D. Martin, Smith?, Alan Mc Kerrell, ?, Rodney Alderman, Brian Moore. 

Next Row (from left to right) Ron Chorley, Brian Tyler, Graham Parkins, Alan Dunn, Roger Shipp, Terrance Smith, Alan Geach, David Sullivan. 

Next Row (from left to right) Geoffrey Long, Martin Brooks, Michael Winters, Keith Gillard, Frank Hutchins, Paul Taylor, Lesley Ashton, David Hasler, M Hills?, Fred Smith. 

Front Row (from left to right) Barry Wedge, Gordon Raymond, Brian George, John Doyle, John Balham, Michael Cox.



Loxford 1961. Our form teacher Mr. Liddiard. Added by David Stafford

Loxford 1962. Jimmy Ruff's class. Added by David Lee (2nd row up, 5th from the left)


Class 2A in 1962. Added by Vic Ward. I'm 6th from the left 3rd row. (same photo as above)



Class 1A 1963/4. Added by Martin Smith 

I am fourth in from the left. You can see the House shields on the wall. To the right is the music room (George Little), you can see the piano on which he used to bash out the music for the plays.


Donated by Paul Simpson.
Class photo (year before photo below))
Top row, 1st. left Colin Edwards, 2nd. from left Colin Moor and 3rd. from right Pat LeFevre.
2nd row from bottom, 1st left Andrew Prague then Shane ?.
Bottom row 2nd left L. Gish, ?, Keith Threadgold and last on right Brian Edmonds.

That’s all I can remember, perhaps Dave Lee or one of the others can remember the rest. All the best, Paul Simpson. (Amended by Lawrence Gish)


Class Teacher:- Mr. Dean. Donated by Paul Simpson.

Top left :-Osborn, ? , John Graves(he married Brenda Foot from Mount school) Peter Brooks, (he died in Hong Kong) Jeff Kennedy, Jimmy Bush, Paul Simpson

Next row left Colin Edwards ?(can't remember his name we all called him egg head), ?, Colin Hicks, Ben Sampson, M.Price, John LeFeve, Robert Andrews, Peter Constable

Next row:- A.Gooch, Dave lee, Tony Foss, Hans Ohmke, Jeff(Bert) Manning, Jim Rossiter, ?, Danny Tate, Jamie Weidner,

Next row:- ?, ?, White, Alan Etherington, Alan Srosbery, Keith McCathy, John Hancock.


Top - Jimmy Ruff's class probably taken in 1964/65.
Lower - Ken Shave's class (first year students)
Photos courtesy of Timothy Farrow.
Added by John Oldfield


3A 1965/66. Our form teacher Mr Ruff. Added by Martin Smith

I am fourth in from the right flanked on either by Stone and John Noble. 


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