Photos of School Plays - Loxford County Secondary School, Ilford, Essex

This is a picture of the play Tom Sawyer - added by Michael Bick

From left to right:-    Alan Earwaker,               

 Bob Guy (the school master "old catfish"), ????, ????, ????, Michael Bick (the minister)



Programme for the Tom Sawyer picture above

Act III    Scene: Before the Capitol
Certain senators, led by Brutus and Cassius, plan to assassinate Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar R. Rayment
Brutus R. Gregory
Cassius D. Metcalfe
Mark Anthony J. Jones
Citizens: D. Garry, J. Pitcher, D. Lincoln, R. May,
R. Barber, B. Marsden, C. Burton, M. King
I. Furber, J. Day, J.Bragg, J. Hawes
Senators M. Bick, E. Pratt, M. Berry, G. Manning
A. Bailey, J. Morley, R. Guy
Servants: M. Cooper, D. Garry
The action takes place around 1845 in St. Petersburgh, Missouri a small town on the
Mississippi River and on Jackson Island, three miles down river from St. Petersburg.
Scene 1 Main St., St. Petersburgh: Saturday morning.
Scene 2 The same: Monday morning.
Scene 3 The river bank: the following midnight
Scene 4 The camp on Jackson Isle; Tuesday evening
Scene 5 Aunt Polly’s living room, Tuesday night.
Scene 6 The camp on Jackson Island Wednesday morning.
Scene 7 Main Street; Sunday morning.
Aunt Polly D. Osborne
Tom Sawyer P. Stygal
Joe Harper D. Edwards
Billy Fisher, Johnny Miller K. Bliss, M.Dyer
Ben Rogers, Jeff Thatcher R. Jenkins, T. Farrow
Bob Tanner, Jim Hollis H. Omke, G. Tarrant
Sam Clemens P. Constable
Willie Mufferson, the new boy K. Norris
The Schoolmaster “old catfish” R. Guy
Huckleberry Finn L. Archer
Sid, Aunt Polly’s son J. Stanfield
Mrs Harper R. Terrey
The Minister M. Bick

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