Hampshire Archives 

Jack  and Allen - 5th. Cousins 

EARWAKER's of Bishops Waltham and Privett

John Cope      b.1945 in Vancouver BC, Can. m.1966 Allen    b. 1948 Ilford, Essex, England m. 1971 5th Cousins
William John   b. 1910 in Alberta, Canada m.1942 William b. 1908 Mile End m. 1933 d. 1975 4th Cousins
William Henry b. 1875 in West Brom. m.1901 d.1950 William b. 1873 St. George, Middlesex m. 1903 3rd Cousins
George           b. 1848 in Brockhurst m. 1869 d.1882 William b. 1842. St. George  m. 1865 d. 1911 Mile End 2nd Cousins
Thomas          b. 1817 in Rowner, Hants, m. 1845 James   b. 1810 Fareham m. 1835 d. 1881 Mile End   Cousins
Thomas          b. 1787 Bishops Waltham, m. 1815 Robert   b. 1790  Bishops Waltham   Brothers

JOHN b.  1751 in Bishops Waltham, m Elizabeth PALMER 1770 in Bishops Waltham, d. 1822 in Bishops Waltham

Robert b. 1723 in Bishops Waltham, m. Ann FOX  1744 in Bishops Waltham, d.  1775 in Bishops Waltham

John, d. 20 APR 1743 in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, m. Elizabeth 20 SEP 1708? in Privett, Hampshire? 

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