Meaning of Surname

Meaning of the Surname:   EARWAKER, EARWICKER, ERRICKER and variants.

The surname is derived from the middle English given name "Erewaker" (old English "Eoforwacer"), pronounced ERRICKER, which is derived from the elements "eofor" meaning "boar" and "wacer" meaning "watchful".

EARWAKER means boar watchman or as watchful as a  boar.

Origin of the Surname:

The first bearers of the surname were not always 'blood relatives'. The surname is both 'topographical' and 'occupational'. Some of the original bearers of the surname EARWAKER and EARWICKER were the sons or descendants of one named "Eoforwacer".

Hampshire has the majority of EARWAKER or EARWICKER families, with variant spellings, such as ERRICKER, (which is less common).

(Thanks to Maureen LUXTON for much of this information.)

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