Family Photos

The primary purpose for this page is to provide family photos.

Maureen LUXTON taken with Alan EARWAKER at Selsey, August 2001

Rose and Ada EARWAKER. The photograph shows (seated) Rose EARWAKER, daughter of Theophilus EARWAKER (born 1842) and ELizabeth HUNTER, and Ada EARWAKER, wife of William EARWAKER, who lived in Canada.  Violet FORDHAM reckons the photograph was taken in the 1920s, and remembers meeting Ada EARWAKER in 1926, when she came over from Canada. (Although the photograph came via me, I am not a descendant of either of these ladies! My direct ancestor in this generation was Amy EARWAKER, Rose EARWAKER's sister. If there is a direct descendant of Rose or Ada on the EARWAKER list, I would be glad to pass on the photograph to them. The Violet mentioned is my cousin, Violet FORDHAM, who was Amy EARWAKER's granddaughter. I am Amy's great-great granddaughter - Fiona BERRY)

Allen EARWAKER family Living in Redhill, Surrey, UK. From left to right:- son John, wife Rae, daughter Claire, son-in-law Greig (groom), daughter Alison (bride), Allen EARWAKER, son Paul.

Andrew EARWAKER's family page.

JACK EARWAKER The picture is of myself and wife Sue along with my eldest son Bill and his wife Marilyn. Bill & Marilyn's daughter. Hollie is being held by my parents Lynn & Bill Earwaker.

Nick LOCK Grandfather and Great Grandfather (EARWAKERs).

Eileen FRANCHI and family. From left to right - my ex husband, Jonathan (son in Law), Peter (son), Annie (daughter), Eileen FRANCHI, Oliver and Mary in front and one of me with 2 of my Grandsons, David and Alan MacKay taken last year.


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